I’m Roseanne, and welcome
to my wee blog!

I’m a Scot living in Calgary, Alberta with my Canadian fiancé, Ben,
and our sweet wee girl Willow. 


I started this blog because I didn’t feel I connected with any of the pregnancy or motherhood sites I read while pregnant. I knew that it would be hard when baby arrived but I had no idea what was coming. 

Although there is nothing anyone can say that will prepare you for the bat-shit-craziness of having a newborn, it would be nice if someone spoke about it openly. I think women are doing a huge disservice to one other in not talking about the realities of being a new mum. 

I wanted to create a place for mothers to read real I-feel-you-girl posts on motherhood and pregnancy, and helpful tips about how you can still be yourself, and actually have a life, once your baby arrives. Because no-one teaches you this, and it’s one of the most challenging and difficult transitions to go through. 

Being vegan myself, and with us deciding to raise Willow vegan, I decided to write about how we’re navigating that in “cow-town” Calgary; where mentioning veganism can still get you a blank stare. 

So, for all those vegan parents and parents-to-be, I’m sharing everything I know about vegan parenthood and pregnancy, and what we’re learning along the way with our own little vegan. 

I’ve tried to create the type of resource I wish I had while I was pregnant; something which is honest about the upcoming highs and lows, real advice to help see you through some of the insanely hard parts of the first year, and all about navigating veganism in this new stage of life.

I hope you can find something that helps you, heals you, or makes you smile. Please never hesitate to get in touch if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, or simply to say hi! You can email me, or connect with me on Facebook, or Instagram!