Why Starting Before You’re “Ready” Is The Secret To Success


Taking action before you’re ready is like the magic elixir for success. It trains you to realise that nobody ever feels ‘ready’. No one successful, who you look up to or admire, ever reached a point where they said, “Ok…Ok, now I’m ready, I’ll do the thing!” Hell no. 

They had an idea, a lot of determination to see it through, and they took a leap of faith. They acted on their confidence and belief it would work out, rather than waiting for a moment where it felt “easy”, or “comfortable” and like they were “ready” to let it all fall into place. 

When you start out doing something new it is scary. It’s daunting. You might have the fear of failure rolling about in your head. But then so did everyone who ever started something. You have to be willing to feel scared; scared it won’t work out, or fear that you’ll embarrass yourself. If you’re not scared or nervous about diving into something, then you don’t care enough about it. Taking chances should feel exhilarating and a little frightening. 

You will never reach great heights if you don’t first climb the mountain, fraught with the chance of stumbling or losing your footing along the way.

I love the saying “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” I clung to this during times of my life where I was terrified of the risks, and leaps of faith I was taking. I felt reassured because my dreams scared the shit out of me, so I knew I was challenging myself enough.

When you think about it, what are you even risking? That some strangers will judge you? Ok. That you’ll be embarrassed? Of what? Of trying something daring and ambitious? You’ll recover. The worst case scenario, when you actually think about it, write it down or say it out loud…usually isn’t that bad. 

You won’t die. So, you’re fine. It’s scary but it’s also fun and exciting and you owe it to yourself to go after things that gives you the heebies in a good way.

Life is scary. Putting yourself out there is scary. Admitting you want more for yourself or your career is scary, but it’s also thrilling. Once you take the leap you can see the big lofty dreams you thought were so out of your reach are actually pretty close, and with every step you take towards your true purpose and calling, the big dream comes into focus more and more.