The Nutrition Guide For Vegan Babies

It can be somewhat nerve-wracking starting your baby on solids, without the added pressure of adopting a non-conventional diet for them. If you have family that aren’t vegan, they probably won’t be as educated as you are in all things vegan, and perhaps not as supportive as you’d like. 

Fear not, fellow vegan parents, you can show them this nutrition guide with glee. It sets out all the nutritional requirements for each age from birth to five years. It also has helpful information on which minerals and supplementation they might need. 

It’s a thorough, simple, easy to follow guide, full of recipes, meal plans and serving suggestions. This would benefit any parents, vegan or not, wanting to add more fruit and vegetables into their child’s diet. 

There’s still so much stigma and misunderstanding around veganism, so if you have friends that are curious send this nutrition guide their way! It can also come in handy to send to any skeptical family members, to show just how healthy and balanced a plant-based diet is for your babies.

I found it difficult to find many resources of this caliber on vegan diets for infants. I had a disastrous visit with a paediatric dietician, where she questioned how “strict” I was going to be, and warned me that if Willow had an iron deficiency at 18 months (which she made out was to be expected), we would have to start her on beef. I did my best not to laugh in her face and walk out.

In some places it can be viewed as quite a controversial choice and you might feel a little self-doubt creep in, or worry about whether you are making the right choice for your child. So resources like this one are invaluable in confirming you are doing the best thing for you child, and setting out a clear and straight forward approach to starting your babies on a plant-based diet.

So, enjoy! Send to your friends, send to your family, and feel confident you’re creating the balanced, plant-based diet your little one will thrive on.