Magical Moments, And The In Betweens

I’m writing this from my breastmilk splattered keyboard (anyone else wonder how this happens?), while a dead-to-the-world 6 month old sleeps beside me in bed; it took over thirty minutes of strategic face stroking and "shhh"-ing, but eventually we got nap number one in the bag.

Her nails need cut, I have (literally) piles of clothes to organise, the dog hasn’t had a walk in a few days and I had to remove out a teeny tiny matt from the back of Willow’s head the other day. This mothering stuff is messy, exhausting, repetitive and sometimes boring as hell. 

But it’s also magical, and I mean that.

It is magic.

It never ceases to amaze me I grew this beautiful little human inside of my body, pushed her out (of a remarkably small opening), and have been keeping her alive these past six months. 

That’s pretty cool. 

She also smiles and giggles at the mere sight of me or Ben, and that’s also pretty cool. Nothing makes a night of fitful sleep worth it like a baby opening her eyes and being completely overcome by joy when she sees your face. That’s love.

As infuriating, and exhausting as parenting can be, no matter how many frustrated tears I cry while trying to rock her to sleep as she screams, or how high the mountain of dirty clothes gets, it is all total and complete magic. Every second of it. 

So take some time today, to ignore all the stressful stuff, and just look at your baby’s beautiful face. You made them, and you are their entire world. Treasure it, because they won’t always look at you the way they do now. 


What have been your favourite moments with baby? How do you remind yourself to take it easy and enjoy the little things? Comment below or shoot me an email, I'd love to hear from  you, ❤️