Hello, and welcome

I'm Roseanne and welcome to my blog!  I've recently become a “mama” and wow; what a crazy, topsy turvy, incredible, terrifying, wonderful few months it's been.

I'm so excited to start this site and it's regular content, but first let me tell you why I wanted to start this blog.

While I was pregnant there were so few sites about pregnancy and motherhood which resonated with me. Everything I'd come across seemed too factual to be reassuring, or too whimsical to be relateable. Almost none of them really spoke about how my life would change, how I would feel.

Everything was solely baby centred, and while I wanted to know all about babies, I also wanted an insight, a heads up, into how to cope with the impact it would have on my life. I wanted to read something written by mothers, for mothers, I could relate to.

However, there is little to nothing that any website, book, or well-meaning friend can ever tell you which will give you a head start on being prepared. You won't ever understand parenthood until it happens.

And while this site is not here to give you a play by play of how it'll pan out for you (because it's literally different for everyone), it is here to offer a crutch to new mums.

I've found my approach to postpartum self care totally lacking. From feeling overwhelmed and unimportant next to baby's needs, to not knowing how I can possibly find five minutes to myself. I wanted to help other newbie mums, or veteran mums alike, figure out how to squeeze some extra time out for yourself. Perhaps change your point of view on something, so you don't feel as frazzled as I did the first couple months in.

Since we're raising our daughter Willow to be vegan, like me, I've included a section all about vegan pregnancy, vegan kids, as well as general vegan lifestyle posts. I struggled to find any great vegan resources for kids, so I hope it can help someone else raising their little ones on plants. 

Stay tuned, as regular content is coming your way soon!

Love & happy vibes,